A Brand New Twitterverse

I have a confession to make.  In my past, I was a twitter hater.  I really could not see the benefit to twitter.  Why would anyone want to know what I was doing all of the time?  Why would I want to post such information?

Then, a few months ago I happened to read an article on teachers using twitter. These teachers seemed so excited to be using twitter and thought that it was really beneficial to them.  They were using twitter to develop a PLN.  I wondered, what the heck is a PLN?  So, I decided to jump on the twitter band wagon (albeit a few years behind everyone else apparently).  What I found was a twitterverse of collaboration and of teachers from around the world sharing with each other. 

I am still trying to build up my PLN and am looking for some good people to follow.  Once I find someone good and look up who they are following and start following some of their followees.  Hope this is not considered cyber stalking! 

I am definitely still learning as I go along.  I really want to participate in a chat and am so disappointed about missing the #etmchat last night. 

On another note, I think I am going to try to put together a live binder or something where I can store all of the information and links for everything that I am learning from this course.  Still super enthusiastic, but life sometimes has a way of getting in between the things you want to do.  I am really greatful for the archives from etmooc so that I can go back and review the things that I have missed.


Orientation Night

Well, maybe it is because I am still a little sick from the flu, but my head is still swimming with information from last night’s orientation session.  Not really sure how to retain all of that information and translate it into meaningful learning.  I am definitely going to have to watch it over again (and then maybe one more time!).

It was the first time for me to use the online learning platform and I had a few minor glitches at the beginning.  I was a little intimidated to ask questions on the technical aspects because I felt like I if I couldn’t figure out how to watch the presentation, then maybe I shouldn’t be taking the class.  I am glad that I asked, and was really surprised at how quickly my questions were answered.  So thanks to those of you who helped me out (sorry, it was moving so fast I didn’t get a chance to look at the names).

I thought I should maybe select one topic that we will be focusing on in the course to talk about in this blog, but they all seem so interesting to me.  I know a little bit about most of the topics, but am so looking forward to expanding my knowledge in all of the areas.

I can not believe how many new things that I have learned in the last little while.  I just signed up for my twitter account (@barbreimer) a few months ago after reading about teachers using twitter in our local union paper.  My twitter account eventually led me to people talking about mooc’s … That’s how I stumbled across this course – I hadn’t even heard of mooc’s until a few weeks ago!  I am hoping that I can watch the twitter session tonight for some more pointers and maybe some twitter etiquette.

Another new thing for me is google+.  Which I must say, I love!  I have signed up for a few different communities, and while I haven’t posted anything (yet), I am super happy with absorbing as much information as I can from all of the amazing people with whom I am now connected.

I really feel like a kid in a candy store.  To borrow from a fellow ‘moocer’ – I am such a lerd! (learning nerd)    My brain really does feel like it is going into overdrive (again, could be the flu, but I have my doubts).  I have to now sift through all of the information given from last night’s talk to pick out what will be useful and meaningful for me.  Let the fun begin!


Hi Everyone!  So for our first assignment in ETMOOC we are supposed to introduce ourselves.  I thought I would try something new and in my readings on the course website, I came across a list of 50+ tools for digital storytelling.  In an effort to procrastinate and avoid doing some marking even more, I attempted to use vuvox (which I have never tried before, so please be kind if you are commenting!).

So here it is: http://www.vuvox.com/collage/detail/0648e274b1

I hope it works ok!

Like I mentioned in the ‘story’ I live near Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Right now I am teaching at an Adult Learning Centre teaching grade 12 courses to adults who are wanting to upgrade their marks or to try to get a high school diploma.

I am really interested in using technology to enhance learning.  I am also interested in online learning and am thinking about going for a master’s degree but am torn between UBC (MET) and Athabaska (M Distance Ed).  Both are online programs which I need to help balance work and two small children. (if anyone has any feedback on these programs I would love to hear about it!!)  I am interested in connecting with other adult educators or educators in general as my sphere of teacher friends is limited (I don’t get out much!).

Well, I could go on and on, but my littlest munchkin is running in circles “dancing” around the kitchen.  Looking forward to meeting you all and learning from and with you!